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Why is language on this site  dynamic?

We appologize for errors on this site, we are working on the translations. For access to complete product information  just register.  

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Reason for limitation

We are unable to show label names freely because germany has the most strict health claim laws in Europe. Germany and austria  allow access to certain substances like msm, alphaliponic acid, colloidal silver or highly bioavailable pepsine, papaine enzymes only via pharmacies or dropshipping.

Comparison of language with good supplements

A good style of language is comparable to good supplements. If there are no plant enzymes between the words/substances, the grammar and meaning isn´t as "bioavailable" as if well formulated... this is why we do our best to develop the style of language here to the same qualitity  as the supplements on this website.  be patient, we are constantly working on this website.  Just understand, that germany is as strict on its laws regarding health as it is on supplement quality.