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Information advantages
  • additional information concerning more healing-benefits
  • films and multimedia
  • simultaneous translation at yearly user summits and social get togethers
  • business information, for instance concerning the translation of this website
  • 2 monthly newsletters
  • encouragement to personal training

Money advantages

  • currency option: view to yearly points  "JUP"  (internal wordwide currency)
  • order VAT free  
  • more  expenses (like literature) become tax-deductable 

product re-financed after 3rd referal
  • from 60-80 Euro (when half shipping costs are offered)
Whitelabel-Licence after 4th referal
  • from 150 - 180 Euro
  • personal health genealogy
  • invitation to ocean cruises 
  • Insiders phytotherapeutic leverage effects 
Step 4 for parents, freelancers, leaders
  • access to deepweb.
  • reduced seminar costs 
  • contact to company founders
40 Euro per recommendation
  • from 3 referrals in current month
  • 1st month bonus via cheque, following month via money order

Translation of this website source 

Nothing is perfect, similar to the human body. Having detected this source, shows, that you are aware of dynamics in language and metabolism. This website strives for "language-supplements". 
If you know somebody to support us translating this website into your native language, please contact us. You will have the honour get to know natural supplements and offer exclusive sponsorship in your country with supreme cold-processed enzyme-based supplements.