Using the 6 digit PIN-Number provided in the first delivery allows providing more details.  In this case Insider-information II is given free.

free with first payment 

Label advantages

  • the original manufacturer text with label information
  • including all relevent medical hints.
  • official Product datasheets 
  • country specific use information
  • support in creating an intake plan
  • full declaration for orthomolecular experts 
  • access to latest recipe data before publication in level I
  • before and after images
  • press releases and videos
  • access to second life product placement in 3 D
  • doccheck.com forum
  • professional brand translation in 10 further languages
Payment advantages
  • up to 8% cheaper prices  according to country (if paid via creditcard)
  • ordered till 12, sent same day  
  • order with freephone or freecall 
Tax advantages
  • for orders of more than 60 Euro per month plus referral of 3 new clients the costs for the order are tax-deductable
  • subscribing for repeated shipments means access to Level III

Become active 

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