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While enzymes provoke detoxification, level I provides pre-information. In the beginning one may not imagine  the advantages of health-law   But after opening an account the horizon is broadened.

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Product advantages 

  • more detailed texts without labels
  • more information below each product
  • specific prices for each country 
  • excerpts  from  literature
  • press articles 
  • hints for use during pregnancy or for creature groups
  • information for humanoids presented in the second person (grammar)

According to strict European health rules

The health claims on this website are based on the strict pharmaceutical health laws of Germany. As an example take the aminoacid arginine. In Germany 70 mg of arginine is the suggested recommanded daily allowance, and certain enzymes like bromelaine, Papaine and more are pharmaceutically protected. This level I complies with these conditions.

Payment advantages
  • payment in onlineshop with coupon, paypal or invoice
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • price comparison with other brands like Anthogenol, Orthomol, Orthica

Administrative advantages 

  • receiving a PIN to acccess Level II