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Active enzymes are catalysators highly enhancing the effects of vitamins and minerals. In some countries this effect is not allowed, which is the reason for the limitation of this website in countries like germany.


All supplements on this site base on a galenic of active enzymes. These bioavailable elements  multiply effects until the factor of 150. As in a good teamwork the dosage of one substance can be decreased, as soon as enzymes catalyze the cell-reaction.

With papaine and more

The galenic is based on papaine. Papaine was in former east germany highly appreciated in olympics.  The galanic constists of secondary plant factors  derrived from + Aloe Vera + Alfalfa + Petersilie sowie Gemüse- & Fruchtkonzentrate aus Karotte + Broccoli + Spinat + Blumenkohl + Spargel + Sellerie + Rote Beete + Pepperoni + grüne Bohne + Erbse + Süßkartoffel + Salatgurke + Kürbis + Zuckererbse + Tomate + Zuccini + Limabohne + Champignon + Banane + Honigmelone + Preiselbeere + Guave Zitrone + Mango + Orange + Papaya + Pfirsich + Ananas + Grapefruit ). Auf Stoffe wie: Gluten, Hefe, Koffein, Mais, Salz, Sojaderivate, Stärke, Weizen und Zucker wird bewusst verzichtet!

A key to active life

Active enzymes help not only purify cells, but also to open knowledge. Look  at the etymology

  derrived from  "en" = "um zu" and "zym" (belonging to greek. "A-tom" = not dividable) meaning "beeing  there to share"

  derrived from "inter" = "between" and latin  "esse" meaning "to be essential", german  "wesentlich"

  derrived from ahd. "ed" = "essen", belonging to "dent" = "Zahn", "liking to divide"
good to know one can bite through via a PIN
derrived from  ahd "fruga", auch nhdt "Furche", also eine Art "Lücke"
enzymes active lucks...
derrived from ahd. "gelücke",
thus, having luck, that enzymes make  happy

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